renault 5 cabriolet r5 cab cleveland

Renault 5 Cleveland convertible




         Not too much information on this model. Maybe, it comes from a garage based in Cleveland (UK)



    A four seater convertible for all members of the family, designed to give joy of an open top car with no loss of interior space or comfort.

Transformation on the base of a limited edition "Soleil"


    The bodywork incorporates a sturdy roll-over bar ans chassis strenghering members.


All exposed metal areas are fully trated and rust proofed before final assembly.


   The Opening Boot, conbined with folding rear seats, provides access to generous luggage space.


The rear parcel shelf facilitates the neat stowage of the hood, or provides extra space when the hood is raised.

présented here on a Renault 5 TX


présented here on a Renault 5 GTL

    The hood (available in 14 colors) is light, simple to operate, and can be raised and lowered by one person in just a few moments.


This transfomation was possible on every used car.

C Billequé 2019